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Garden Box Photo

My Vegetable Garden

I have a vegetable garden this year! I wanted it last year, but by the time we had it all planned, it was a bit late to do it.  So when it came time to build it this year, we were ready! Our Garden Plan This book I read, Food Grown Right, In Your Backyard, goes […]

Perfect Caesar Salad

Secrets for Perfect Caesar Salad

Caesar salad is dead simple to make.  For me, the tricks are in these techniques: prep your greens, grate your own cheese, and make your own croutons.

Chicken Pasta à la Bryan

There is something about the flavors in Chicken Bryan from Carrabba’s that I love. Tonight I made a chicken pasta dish with many of the same flavors. I wasn’t going for a copycat recipe; I wanted to make something I could call my own. Here it is! First, I use a sous vide to cook […]

Starting Seeds for a Vegetable Garden

For 2018, we are building a vegetable garden! In 2017, we built two herb garden planters and I started almost everything from seed. I learned a lot about waking the little buggers up and keeping them alive. I also learned a lot about cooking with fresh herbs. Fresh herb flavor enhanced my cooking so much! […]

My Bountiful Baskets

I enjoy getting my produce from Bountiful Baskets. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a co-op that gives people access to fresh but inexpensive fruits and veggies. You have to order on Monday/Tuesday and pick it up on Saturday, and you have a 20-minute pickup window to get it. They request that participants volunteer […]

Honey Butter

Every Christmas morning, and other times during the year when my kids are especially good, I make honey butter as a treat. It goes equally well with scones or cornbread. Print Recipe Honey Butter This honey butter recipe is perfect to drizzle over cornbread or scones for some yummy comfort food! It is whipped to […]

Knitted Elephant Gift

Here is a photo of the elephant I made a while back, as a baby shower gift for a neighbor.