Maker Mary is a small personal blog. It isn’t the kind of site that collects a lot of information or uses sophisticated tracking: after all, I am not selling things or collecting money.  I am simply sharing things with you that interest me.

There isn’t a lot to this policy.

What information does Maker Mary collect about you?

I allow you to comment on my blog posts (unless you are a spammer or unkind).  If you comment, I will retain your comment, name, and email address, but I will never share your email address.  You may choose to save your name and email in a cookie for later.

I use google analytics so I can know how many people visit my site. I only use anonymous features, so I am not collecting anything specific about you there.

Where will Maker Mary use the collected information?

I only use it in the US.  Data is stored in the US.  Your name will be displayed anywhere a person can view a web page you comment on, though.

How will Maker Mary use the collected information?

Your provided comment information will be used to filter out spam and will be displayed on the web page.  It is not shared with anyone else.

How does Maker Mary use cookies?

We do use cookies. We use:

  • Anonymous analytics cookies, for historical analysis
  • Comment cookie (optional), to make future comments easy

How does Maker Mary use affiliate links and advertising?

I reserve the right to use affiliate links to offset the cost of this blog.  However, I refuse to use affiliate programs that will require annoying pop-ups.

I don’t use an advertising network, because they distract from the purpose of visitors to this site.  There is no need to clutter up a site visitor’s browser window with useless junk.

How will I notify you of privacy policy updates?

You can visit this site to see changes to the policy.

Even if I have your email address, I don’t have consent to email you… so I won’t.


Effective 3/1/2018