Maker Mary is a personal blog written by Mary Elizabeth Shaw.  Its purpose is to allow Mary to share thoughts online.

Mary is also a web developer (and has been for over 20 years) and wanted a site of her own to “play with” various web development techniques, like CSS and JavaScript.

Using This Site

I expect kindness on this site.  I allow comments, but I approve every one, and if you are unkind, I will not approve your comment.  There is plenty of unkindness elsewhere in this world… let’s keep Maker Mary a sanctuary from that.

I also don’t allow spam. So, if your comment seems spammy to me, it won’t be approved.  I will be the sole judge of that.

Please don’t try to hack me.  I take security very seriously, so this site is locked down.  But there’s really nothing to gain from it, unless you really really want to steal my recipes – but I am giving them out for free already, so you still won’t have gained anything.

Consequence of Website Misuse

If you do bad things, you won’t be allowed to contribute.  If you do illegal things, I will prosecute.

Payment Details

I don’t take payments online.

How to Opt Out of Emails

I don’t currently collect emails for sending, so there is nothing to opt out of.

Ownership of Images and Content

All of the above are owned or licensed by Mary.

Don’t use my words or images as your own.  That is illegal and unkind.

Affiliate Links

I reserve the right to use affiliate links in order to offset the costs of maintaining the blog.

Your Rights as a Visitor

You have a right to view/read my content.  You have a right to follow recipes or other instructions on this site, or not, as you wish.  You have a right to comment.  You are free to be kind.

Feel free to link to me, give me credit for something on your blog or social media post, and tell your friends about Maker Mary.