A local group that I’m part of is putting together a round robin quilt project. Most of us will donate our quilt projects to Quilts of Valor, to be awarded to veterans.

So, Here are the details.

  • We will each create a quilt packets with our fabric selections.
  • We will each make a 12.5” square quilt block 12 times – each time with fabric from another member’s quilt. (12” finished size, plus ¼” seam allowance on all sides)
  • We will trade packets (and make one square for each packet) regularly – most likely, every time we meet.  We will do two squares each summer and swap quilts once during the summer.
  • If you are new to quilting and need help with your block, we can set you up with a mentor to sew with.  (This is the education part of the project!)
  • Come to each meeting with a packet (containing your completed quilt block) and trade for a new packet (we will set this up in a prearranged order).
  • At the end of the 2-year period, you will have either:
    • a finished quilt to present with Quilts of Valor
    • a quilt top ready to finish

Quilt Project Fabric Requirements:

Remember to pre-wash your fabric. You can choose not to, but do not mix pre-washed fabric with not-pre-washed fabric, or you will not like the results!

Each quilt will require the following fabric:

  • Background & Inner Border: 5 yards
  • Light prints (still needs some contrast from background): 5 fat eighths*
  • Medium-light prints: 5 fat eighths*
  • Medium-dark prints: 5 fat eighths*
  • Dark prints: 5 fat eighths*
  • Outer Border, Binding, and Sashing: 3 1/2 yards

* Fat eighths should be in varying colors for variety

Quilt Schematic:

This schematic is just a suggestion. I wanted to see what a finished quilt would look like, so I drew it out like this.

Quilt project schematic

Quilt Blocks

Each person in the group will sign up to create a quilt block. As I create instructions for each quilt blocks, I’ll link them here.

How to Sew a
Woven Star
Quilt Block



A huge thank you to everyone who has helped us with this project! This is a labor of love and we are receiving help from so many places. We couldn’t accomplish what we’re doing without their assistance!

  • Valerie Hunt is directing our chapter project.
  • Riley Blake donated fabric for us to use.
  • Jennifer P. Lee from Quilts of Valor presented to our chapter and is helping coordinate awarding the quilts to veterans.
  • Chapter members are nominating veterans.
  • Chapter members are choosing fabric and sewing quilt blocks.
  • Elizabeth Thompson washed and cut the donated fabric.