Use this nifty tool to calculate your knitting project’s gauge! Measure a section of your swatch (preferably leave 3 stitches on every edge) and enter your calculations here. We’ll give you the standard 4-inch/10cm calculation, and save it for later!

See my article on knitting gauge for more information about gauge: what it is and why it’s important.

For your convenience, this page will save your calculated gauges.

But, for your privacy, your gauges remain only in your browser and are never uploaded to our servers.

This means that if you change computers or browsers, your gauges will be lost. You can copy/paste or download them if you like.

How to use this calculator

Because most patterns provide gauge over 4 inches, but it’s so much easier to measure it over some other number, go ahead and measure any amount. This calculator will return the 4-inch gauge number.

Previously calculated gauges will show up on the left, and you can calculate a new gauge on the right.