This pattern will make 3.5″ by 6.5″ flying geese with three colors: the background in the center, color B on the left, and Color A on the right. These blocks are used in the pinwheel star quilt block.

Note: These directions make the blocks a little big and have you trim them down. This method works for any level of quilter but is especially foolproof for beginning quilters.

Save time, make 4 flying geese at a time

These directions will make four identical flying geese blocks. It is a little faster than making 4 separate blocks, and a lot less fussy.

Prepare your Fabric

Pre-wash your fabric, if needed.

Then, using a rotary cutter and rulers on a cutting mat, cut squares and triangles as follows:

  • One 7.5″ square in the background color
  • Two 4″ squares in A
  • Two 4″ squares in B

Make the Asymmetrical Flying Geese

Cut each smaller square in half, diagonally.

Cut smaller squares in half diagonally

Draw a diagonal line in pencil down the background fabric.

Place triangles next to the diagonals, flush with each other and square with both corners of the fabric. Make sure color A is top left/bottom right. Remember, Color A is the one that you want on the lower right of the finished block.


Sew 1/4 away from center cut line on either side.

Place on diagonal and sew 1/4″ down either side.

Cut down the center diagonal.


Press open after cutting on the diagonal.

Pin two more triangles to each untouched background corner.

Sew 1/4″ down either side.

Sew 1/4″ from either side of the center diagonal

Cut in between the two seams.


Repeat with the other side of the cut triangle (press, pin down 2 more triangles, sew 1/4″ from center, cut down center, press).

Lay out your 4 flying geese. They should be identical and face the proper way.

Lay out your 4 flying geese.

Now, trim them to size. Trim to 3.5″x6.5″ with the point 1/4″ from the long edge and in the center of the long edge (3 1/4″ away from the short edge).

Trim to size

At this point, you will have four flying geese blocks! They are trimmed and ready to add to your other blocks. Here, they are added to the pinwheel block to extend the pinwheel to make a star.

Asymmetrical flying geese, next to pinwheel block